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Married to ANUP in 2014.
Supporting to run Prema Metta School, Senamura Yoga Ashram Guesthouse and projects.
Yoga instructor.

I live in Sujata village, a small farming village in Bodhgaya, India. Soon after birth I suffered from a skin condition called eczema that caused me a great deal of discomfort and I naturally learned to recognize what “fits" and "does not fit" my body. I have experienced many other hardships since my childhood, including my parents' divorce, father's disappearance, financial difficulties, and bullying in elementary school. I thank those trials because they made me who I am today.

After turning thirty, my first trip abroad was to the island of Hawaii. My life changed after an accidental encounter with Kiwala'o Taylor, an artist and the Kum of Kahiko, who showed her heart to me. I became attracted to the native Hawaiian way of thinking and interested in Polynesian culture and later went to New Zealand to learn about the Maori people. After that I wanted to learn Yoga philosophy and Mantras, so I studied with a traditional Indian organization. I also learned Reiki and Thai massage.

I met Anup in 2011. The following year, I visited Prema Metta School for the first time and started to question the meaning of abundance. I interacted with smiling children whose eyes were shining even though they lived in a poor and harsh environment. I am forever grateful to be involved with Prema Metta School and have grown to deeply respect Anup. I am happy to support him and am looking forward to creating a "place of prayer connected to the universe" in Bodhgaya. I await future encounters and the beginning of a new story very much!



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