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Beacon of Hope Project

These beacons of hope are for illuminating the future and lighting up our hearts.

We are expanding the circle of “Earth Family.”
To cultivate this concept, we have launched a project to visit various indigenous people’s lands in nine different countries around the globe in order to create places of sacred prayer, so we can offer our prayers together.








May 15

Placement of the Harmony stone and prayer site established on the Big Island of Hawaii

Inaugural prayer ceremony conducted together with indigenous people of Hawaii, Japan, and around the globe.


April 29

Established a prayer site in France.


October 10
Established a prayer site in Mount Shasta, U.S.A.


November 30
Established a prayer site in New Zealand.


January 22
Established a prayer site in India.

Prayer sites planned for Russia, Peru, Botswana, and in the United Kingdom.

Planned celebration event on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Why do we pray?

We pray because this act is a form of communication by humans with the scared and transcendent. It has been at the center of human existence since ancient times.  

While praying to and appreciating “Mother Earth”, nature spirits, and our ancestors, we have gained insight, wisdom, and skills to live in harmony with nature.

As a result of forgetting and losing this way of living, many people today continue to destroy their own living space, the natural environment we call Mother Earth.

We need to remember and regain this wisdom.

By connecting and praying together with the indigenous peoples around the globe who have retained their wisdom, we will be able to relight the fire of wisdom that has been extinguished.

We need to remember and “re-learn” from indigenous people.

Connecting with the "Harmony Stone"

Stones have had special meaning to indigenous cultures and have been valued as sacred objects or sites to pray. Stones are believed to embody the spirit of the land.

For this project, we follow this tradition by creating a prayer site and transporting stones from one prayer site to the next.

These stones carry our prayers of will and heart, and they symbolize the connection we form between the indigenous people and us. By doing this we begin to form a new network of awareness of this Earth Family.

One of the project goals is that we share information about the indigenous people, their history, culture and wisdom.

Together through our prayers, we can transcend nationality, race and different cultures, we as the Earth Family will raise the "flag" for global peace.

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