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Holding Festivals

There are three types of ‘Matsuri’ or ‘festivals’ in Japan, with the word ‘festival’ expressed in three different Chinese characters:

  1. Enshrine/Pray (祀り)

  2. Celebration (祭り)

  3. Politics (政り)

Enshrining-Matsuri means to pray to the spirits of the lands (nature), our ancestors and the deceased.

Politics-Maturi means to manage the community.

Celebration-Matsuri is where people get together to be united with Heaven and Earth and to celebrate the co-creation process with nature and gods (spirits).   

The country of Japan was centered around these Matsuri-festivals.  


Matsuri did not originate in a specific religion.  Rather it’s a way of life that encompasses all religious values and types of worship, similar to ‘nature worship’ that the people of the Jomon period practiced.  


We aim to organize Matsuri events together with people of different races and countries as a way to embody the co-creation process.

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