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Founder of Aska Project

Event organizer, writer, cartoonist, & artist

Yuka grew up in a challenging environment where her parents disappeared with debts behind, suffered domestic violence, and had to care for her sister with disability. Then, giving birth to her child in 2014, Yuka started to contemplate what it looks like to have a truly happy family. She came to understand that in this modern society, problems that occur within families are rooted in each family trying to solve their own problems by themselves. She began counseling activities and sharing information so that the local community could work as a family and solve problems together.


In 2017, based on her roots as a third-generation Korean living in Japan, she advocated "Earth Family," to live together as a family on this planet Earth and transcend differences in race, culture, and religion. She also organized a series of traveling events called Chiisai Matsuri or “Small Festival."

The "Small Festival" concept is based on Japanese festivals that create a place for local communities to connect.


She held the festivals in Chiba, Nara, Okinawa, and Hokkaido and gathered more than 1,000 people at each site. The final event was held on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2020.


In 2021, she launched the "Aska Project" to create a global peace network to realize the Earth Family world.


As a writer and cartoonist, she published "Atarashii Sekai (New World)" and "Atarashii Sekai 2021 (New World 2021)" from VOICE Inc. while expanding her career as a musician.

YUKA Official Site


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