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Aska World is committed to supporting the indigenous peoples of the world, protecting their livelihood and restoring their environment to its pristine state.

In 2020, Covid-19 spread around the world, changing our lives dramatically. What was once considered normal living was quickly restricted. Globally, societies struggled to decide the way things should be.

In a changing world where lives are disconnected and relationships are redefined, our “sense of value” is changing drastically. With the pandemic as a catalyst, we believe the time has come for us to change o
ur society initiatively.

We need to examine the structure of our dysfunctional society and create a new community with a global framework that includes the natural environment as an essential consideration.

How do we deal with the destruction of nature, food insecurity, conflict, immigration, refugee issues, racism, and other unresolved issues?  Rather than changing superficial aspects of society, we will focus on fundamental changes and transformation.

We have seen these ideas and wisdom needed for a new society already exist in the cultures and customs of the indigenous peoples worldwide.

They honor nature and respect the land.
While tribal members exist as families, the entire community participates in raising their children.

They cherish their culture and wisdom passed down from their ancestors and maintain a high level of spirituality.

We want to create opportunities to solve current social problems by taking inspiration from these indigenous people.

However, most indigenous people worldwide, including those in Japan, have a history of persecution and elimination. This history of persistent persecution has directly affected their lives to this date. Many are facing various and constant challenges of daily living.

Aska World is committed to supporting the indigenous people in preserving their way of life and restoring their environment to its pristine state.

As we connect with indigenous peoples and disseminate their culture, custom, and spirituality through our supportive activities, we aim to create content that is inclusive and inviting, that allows people around the world to explore and learn how to create a peaceful society.



Company Location & Contact

Company Name

General Incorporated Association Asuka World

Representative of Company

Tokiomi Yamamoto


Kurama Ninose-cho, Sakyo-ku,
Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 〒601-1113 Japan


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