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Kunizukuri refers to the creation of community(ies).

Kuni = community/nation/country
Zukuri = to make/create
It is not a community as a group with a specific purpose.  It is the kind of community where people jointly create an environment that fits their lifestyle and way of life, and from there expand the framework of society.

With such a social aspect of the community, we will be able to create a comfortable social structure.   

For this reason, we call the creation of community(ies) "Kunizukuri."  

In this process, we aim to build a network of communities that operate with the same sense of purpose and awareness.

Knock at the gate


The Winnemem-Wintu tribe, the indigenous people of Shasta, have a deep connection with Earth’s spirits through their prayer’s.


They have protected important natural water resources at the foot of the sacred Mount Shasta which is considered a reflection of Earth’s water conditions.


During our interactions with the Winnemem, they have shared messages from “the spirit of water”, as well as, the various challenges the tribe has been facing. As a result, a cross-border project has been set in motion.


Now is the time for all of us to listen to their message and act upon it! By doing so, we are also restoring Earth’s water resources.

For more detail about

"Let’s Rejuvenate Our Prayers for Earth’s Water“

project, please click here



Our Aska project members entrusted the 5th prayer stone to a gentleman from India. He founded the Premametta Orphanage School, which is a donation-based free school in India.


His name is Anup Kumar. He established this school to create a place where everyone would have equal access to education, regardless of their inherited birth status or caste.


He has also been taking care of an unknown holy site near the city of Bodh Gaya.  


During some meeting with him a project emerged; a project to establish an Ashram (a place for spiritual retreat) at this holy site in Bodh Gaya.


Together, we are creating a sacred space that transcends religious, caste, and national barriers, welcoming anyone to join and pray together.


It is a gathering place for the Earth Family.


This project's progress is based on the gifts that anyone is willing to offer through their personal talents, skills, and funds. We are sharing updates and exciting information on the Facebook group.

▶To join the Facebook group,

please click here.

Local Community


Tokyo is completing its role as a metropolitan area.
What can we do now for Tokyo, which has played such a major role?


We aim to create communities that spread like a ripple by talking with people, meeting people, and learning new things.


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