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The primary concept of 'Aska Project' is the "Earth Family".

There are three primary objectives within this concept.

The Aska Project will operate various projects based on these three objectives.



We view our planet from a cosmic scale

What this means is we look at Earth from the perspective of the Universe. We see the whole planet as one place with its many issues.
When we have a “cosmic perspective” we can view the many issues of each country as our own.


Creating a network of connected people that can transcend boundaries and limitations

Going beyond our differences and the borders between countries, we want to create a system that develops relationships that are cooperative, inclusive, and mutually beneficial without the idea of owning or monopolizing.



Discovering and creating a way of living in harmony with nature and each other.

It means we broaden our current ideas of “home” to be inclusive of the whole planet while rediscovering ways to protect and live harmoniously with nature.

Fundamentals of ‘Earth Family’

The Jomon Period


Where did the Aska Project find clues to creating a peaceful world? The concept for Earth Family seemed to exist during the Jomon Period.

The history of humankind is full of conflicts, those who stood to win have laid the foundations of our current societies.

In order to recreate our current society we need to incorporate new and old concepts, for Earth Family to live peacefully and harmoniously.

More than ten-thousand years ago, during the Jomon Period, the Jomon people seemed to have lived peacefully and cooperatively in mutually sharing communities without the concept of ownership of land or borders.  There hasn't been any convincing archeological evidence of conflict or war for this period. Rather, evidence shows they lived in peaceful communities with high levels of spirituality, wisdom, and were in harmony with nature.

We found a model for creating a new society existed during the Jomon Period.


Indigenous People


The indigenous people of many countries have preserved and maintained similar Jomon wisdom in their cultures. However, their cultural traditions and wisdom have been considered outdated and even barbaric by modern governments who used and continue to use this excuse to re-educate or eliminate indigenous groups in their countries.

It is false to believe indigenous people are archaic, uncultured, or outdated when compared to modern “advanced” societies.

What truly matters are the cultural traditions and wisdom passed down through the generations of indigenous people who continue to practice them now.

The spiritual wisdom expressed through the indigenous people’s prayer is where we see the connection that has been lost to us, and this is what needs to be brought back.



For our future society we must look to a “horizontal” fully integrated and networked society and eliminate the “top down” or pyramid social structures of the past.

In this type of social structure, individuals fulfill their roles by exploring and finding the most appropriate place for them to be.

The social structure is based on mutually fulfilling roles. Everyone has a role and is considered no superior or inferior to one another.

We can only develop this type of mutually-agreed-upon social structure and network through participating during the creation process for this project.

This project does not have end goals per se, but rather an ever evolving and fine tuning of a mutually agreed upon social structure where everyone involved has a voice.  

We believe by doing this and creating a network of many people, the project will blossom into a more inclusive, creative, and imaginative project.



Outline of Ongoing Projects


Beacon of Hope Project

This project is to visit, consult and establish prayer sights in nine countries around the world where indigenous people consider these areas sacred. Here we can offer prayers together, as one.


Organizing Festivals


Producing events jointly with the locals and participants.






Creation of community(ies) based on a planet-shaped network



Disseminate information related to the main concept of ‘Earth Family’

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