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Takashi Okoshi


CEO of White Field Co., Ltd

Born July 30th, 1973 in Fukushima Prefecture.

After graduating from university, Takashi joined a comprehensive food service company that operated cafes, restaurants, bakeries, and others.

Including its affiliated companies, he worked in the restaurant industry for a total of 20 years, and during this period, he obtained sommelier certification from ‘Japan Sommelier Association.’

In the latter half of his career, he worked as a manager of seven restaurants, in charge of store operations and management.

In 2018, he founded White Field Co., Ltd.

Its corporate philosophy is ‘Earth Family’ in which people share, connect, and share one’s gift to one another so that everything circulates naturally within the society.  

To spread and embody the worldview of "Earth Family," the company holds lectures and events throughout Japan.  

By hosting and managing events for community development, it aims to create a place for each person.  

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