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Water net 88
-A Festival of Stars Connected by Water-

August 8th is called the “Lion’s Gate.”

On this day a portal opens up and there will be a highest flow of cosmic energy over the earth.

Festivals will be held on this day. 

The“Winnemem Wintu”tribe protects the water in Mt. Shasta (USA) through prayer.  The tribal people continue the tradition of constructing a prayer house, made of 7 pillars, representing Pleiades or the Seven Sisters. 

The legends of Pleiades have been passed on to different regions and countries including Peru, and Altai in Russia.

Since ancient times, they prayed to the stars in accordance with the myths of the land.


The festival we are creating is a festival where participants pray to what dwells within nature and not specifically to one sacred object or God.

On this day, we will exhchange“spring water" from different region, thereby connecting our Earth Family and extending our prayers to our Star Family.









New Zealand





This time…

our mission is to pray in three places

on August 8th, 2023.

Peru is for The Sun.

Altai (Russia) is for The Moon.

Shasta (USA) is for The Stars.

We offer prayers in the land where the elements of ancient prayer for the Sun, the Moon and the Stars remain.


Shasta and Altai water are used to connect the three major places on Earth, all of which has Pleiades in common.  


Therefore, this day, the prayer is offered to Pleiades through these sacred water. 

Prayer Time

We will pray together in all parts at sunrise in Peru time on August 8th.

Shasta @4:00 a.m.

Peru @6:00 a.m.

Altai @ 6:00 p.m.

Japan @8:00 p.m.

*For other locations, please set

your time to 6:00 AM in Peru.

What do we do in Japan?

Water is used connect the land of Japan.

Spring water has the information of the lands transcending the time.

In Japan, people exchange water from their respective lands. 

Then on this day (August 8th) from the lands connected by this exchange of water, people offer prayer to the stars, creating a big web-like network.


What does it mean,“We are connected by water?”

How does the power of prayer affect nature?

Masaru Emoto, the author of “Messages from Water,” is internationally famous for the beautiful photos of crystals of frozen water. 

Mr. Emoto's son, Hiromasa, who is following Mr. Emoto's footsteps, talks about what properties water has. 

Check on YouTube.

Let’s exchange water!

We have a Facebook page for exchanging water.

Please check the details on the page.

How to conduct a prayer fesitival in Japan

Before August 8th, 2023

  • Find a festival place

  • Look for the spring water

  • Exchange the water with place/places that you feel is important to connect.

On August 8th, 2023

  • Pour the water on the land

  • Lit the fire (campfire) if you can

  • Festival time! 

Members going to three places:

Altai Members


Naffy, Yuka, & Sumie

Because of the recent international situation, we are not able to fly directly to Russia. We will find a prayer site after getting there. After Altai, we will fly out to Shasta (USA), taking the Altai water with us.

Peru Members

Kudo Sync, Kazu, Micco, Zeus, & Gosuke

Peru’s mission is to “find the person that has a symbol of the Star of Bethlehem.”


How, when and where can we meet him?

Everything will be revealed once we get to the land.  Together with the members, we just have the faith and the door will open!


Shasta Members


Amrita, & Norie

We will support the prayer ceremony held by the Winnemem tribe to connect the three places through water and fire.  During this Lion’s Gate period, the tribal ceremony and a star festival are also to be conducted. 

Let’s create a festival that inspires the Earth! 

This project is completed by the energy of each person involved.



Prayer from our heart will make up a power enough to encompass the entire planet. 


We do not wish to fight to achieve the world peace.  It always starts from our prayer for each other based on love.  


Please join in this effort of co-creating the project. 

Support us

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