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PramaMetta Orphanese Trust (Prema Metta School)Director.
PremaMetta Japanese Language School Director.
Tourist Guide.

I was born in a common Hindu farmer’s family in the village of Sujata, Bodhgaya, India. When I was a child, I couldn’t go to school for financial reasons. I left my family when I was 6, trained in meditation, and practiced with my Guruji (Master) in various places such as the Himalayas and Nepal. I lived without any inconvenience, but I was always worried about my family and the people in the village. It was a life that had nothing to do with the secular world and I had no contact with money.

I decided to quit my training to be a Buddhist master and leave the temple because I couldn’t ease my feeling that I couldn’t even help my own family. When I went back to the village, I was shocked to see adults and children begging; nothing had changed since I left the village. I believe that anybody can change the future if they have a chance to get an education, so I started to save money and established a free school, the Prema Metta School, when I was 17. We have had over 360 children graduate from the school since then.

I met the Aska Project through their Beacon of Hope project in India, January 2023. The project is about connecting the world with "stones" of prayer. When I visited Mt.Kurama, I received a mantra about a stone with an emblem of the sun. I was worried about how to protect this stone, but I was able to find the way and my anxiety disappeared. Since receiving the stone, I feel close to God and am very happy.



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