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Masaki Sugihara

Masaki Sugihara

Company Owner
AI/IoT Engineer
Full Stack Engineer
Game Producer
Aquarist / Satoyama Farmer

Born in March 1978 in Owari-Asahi City, Aichi Prefecture.

Graduated from Keio University, 

Faculty of Law, Department of Political Science.

Participated in the 100m and 4x100mR track and field at a high school national tournament (Inter-High).

He loves fish and plants (mainly aquatic plants) ever since he was an elementary school kid. He spent most of his time tending tropical fish until he was an undergraduate.  

He has been involved in the company management since he was 25 years old, and frequently traveling back and forth between Japan and Brazil. 

He established an international telephone service using VoIP, which was groundbreaking at that time.

At the age of 30, he became independent and founded an IT company. He runs four companies in Japan, Korea, and Indonesia.

In the middle of the night on the train, he had a flash of an idea, “I want to raise a dragon that is within myself.” 

It motivated him to create a game based on the motif of dragons.

As a game producer, he has produced several game titles not only for Japan but also for the entire world, creating games that have been played by a total of over 150 million people.

He was invited by Meta (formerly Facebook) to speak at a game conference in the Asia-Pacific region (held in Korea).

Around 2018, he began to ask questions about the contradiction between excessive financial capitalism and the destruction of nature, and started researching how to realize circulating-agriculture with fish and plants (aquaponics), which he has loved since elementary school.

In 2020, he started a project to revitalize a two-hectare mountain forest and an old private house in Gifu Prefecture, cultivating the forest, rice field, and engaging in circulating-agriculture using the satoyama system (tended mountain, farmland and surrounding communities).

Currently, he is constructing Japan's largest aquaponics facility in Gifu Prefecture with his own hands.

His goal in life is to live in a way that at the moment of his death, he will be able to look back and say, "That was a good life.”

On a soul level, he feels, "this is the last time I will be active on earth.”

Ever since he can remember, on the back of his mind he has always lived with the phrase, "when the world undergoes a major transition, that is when I will fulfill my mission." 

He came to understand the meaning of this phrase when he met Aska Project.

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