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Mutsumi Yoshida

Mutsumi Yoshida


Born July 1, 1988, in Kobe, Japan.

A Citizen of the Wind. 

While traveling around different communities, Amrita aims to create a new world with people who are connected to the universe and who live their life in harmony with the earth.

Amrita formerly served as a children’s development and psychology specialist at a family court, exploring the deepest layer of Japanese society on the ground of abuse and delinquency. 

Convinced that all these "problems” are caused by their deviating from the earth and nature's rhythms, and realizing that the social system needs transformation from inside out, she quit her position as a national public servant. 

She let go of her job and house, entrusting everything to the flow of the Universe, directing her attention on cultivating relationships and sharing information. Amrita exercises her people’s skills as a MC, as well as working as an event and place organizer.

Amrita has come from a family that runs a church, has lived in a prayer-centered community where people of all ages and backgrounds helped each other. 

In addition, she experienced the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake where she managed a foster family home and a self-reliance support home.  She taught spirituality to a multinational team at a university in South India. All these experiences have given her the desire to realize a "global family" transcending national and regional boundaries and beyond blood ties.

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