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In the course of raising her children, she began to worry about the fact that there was no place for children to play to their heart's content.  

Parents would always watch over them and restrict their behavior beside them.  

She eventually thought that she wanted to create a place where children could play to their heart's content where parents could relax and be away from their children.

While thinking about what kind of place she wanted to create, she came across an old Japanese folk house.  

In May, 2021 she started building a community named "Niji no Mura (Rainbow Village)” in Sosa City, Chiba Prefecture, based on a concept, a place where adults and children can be themselves with a peace of mind.

She has long believed that one cannot live alone, and through "Niji no Mura" she hopes to have people feel a sense of security and connection with others.


"Niji no Mura" Blog

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