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Sei Bond

Sei Bond

CEO of Migrators Inc.
CG animator, Video Creator, NFT Artist, Curator, & Community Builder

In 2021, an Apple TV’s original film called “Calls”, which he worked on, won an Emmy Award in the Motion Design category. 

Sei finds joy in creating a new world through various innovative projects together with people who share the same kind of vision and gratitude for this beautiful earth.  

Sei lived in LA for 19 years, making short films mainly for Apple for about 16 years. Then taking advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic, he moved to the Big Island of Hawaii and shifted his focus to community and village creation.

He is the founder of "the Migrators," a group of New World creators, residing in Hawi on the Big Island of Hawaii.

"The Bonds" means deep connection. The Bonds are so deep that it is hard to tell where an individual starts and where it ends. He changed his artist’s name to Sei Bond, that is after he decided he wants to realize the creative process together with people who share the same vision on a conscious level.  

He now owns two acres of land in Hawi, where he brings his passion for creating a sacred place as an art that integrates technology and spirituality.

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