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What’s the reason for Ask Project to send the ‘water truck’ to the Winnemem Wintu tribe as a gift?
Overview of the New Eco-Village “Green Magic Home”


Thank you for your interest in the Winnemem Wintu way of life.

Everyone calls me Pom.
I am the son of Chief Carlene,
I am an artist.
I am also a dancer during the ceremony.

I am a leader in preserving the tribe's culture.

 First of all, I would like to share the concept of a new eco-village that we, the young generation, are leading.

Who Are We

Green Magic Home

Keywords for the Eco-Village Concept
Round House

Prayer is the center and root of all things. A sense of reverence for Spirit pervades all life. Conducting ceremonies throughout the community have healing effects and is the key to holding the tribe together.

NFTs, Tokens

We will make maximum use of the power of technology to protect and keep traditional culture alive. NFTs designed with tribal art motifs have already been exhibited at Japanese art shows.Both ancient wisdom and cutting-edge technology are of cosmic origin and have an affinity for each other.

High Vibration Food

Shasta water is world-famous for its high vibrations. So is the soil, of course. Acorns, which we have been eating as a staple food, are one of the superfoods, and we want to grow and spread them. We will produce vegetables and fruits with high vibes in this area.


Salmon are born in the river, travel to the sea, and come back again. Their return is an indicator of the health of the local water. For the salmon to come back again, we will plant trees and promote green-development to prepare the land.


We have been preparing with this concept for about ten years, and finally in the spring of 2023, we were able to start crowdfunding to purchase the land and buildings.

However, even if the land and buildings are obtained, the plan would not be completed if the tribesmen did not turn their hearts to prayer. If even a little leeway is created in people's difficult lives, that energy can be circulated.

When I shared this idea with others, I was surprised and grateful that our earth family members across the country understood.

Why Gift a Water Truck?

Reason 1
It can create jobs for indigenous people.

During frequent wildfires and droughts, the government takes the initiative to seek support from people living in rural areas and dispatch them to the affected areas. Once deployed, they receive a large amount of cash, but since most of the people who have water trucks are large corporations in urban areas, it becomes their profit and is not returned to the community. No indigenous people have water trucks.

This is how we can create jobs, and the revenue generated can be passed on to the whole community.

Reason 2
Indigenous people can solve their own problems where water is needed.

They can carry water directly to areas where it is needed due to drought or water shortages. Not only will they be dispatched at the request of the government, but they can also expand the network of mutual support between communities. This can be a great emotional support for people who for years have an inclination to feel helpless and unable to do anything about their own problems.

Reason 3
There is great value in carrying "Shasta Water."

Shasta water is famous for its high vibrations, but it has been forgotten to be treated as sacred and much of it has been acquired by business. There is a history of court battles between the companies and indigenous people to protect their precious water sources, and the indigenous people won the cases. It will be of great value to indigenous peoples to be able to transport their own water with their own hands in the future.

One of the Water Truck Driver

Monica Falcon

She has a heavy-duty driver's license (class-A) and is currently a long-distance truck driver. She is a member of the Winnemem Wintu tribe, like Pom.

"I am truly grateful to have and feel this connection."

<Purchase of WaterTruck >

Cost of WaterTruck

Expenses for traveling and accommodation for our staff to the site.

* Total amount needed for support 

10,000,000 yen 

 (About $76,000 USD as of April 6, 2023)


Introduction Video

An award-winning short film about the activities of Winnemem people.  The images are strikingly beautiful. Click the image to watch this short introductory video or click the button below to watch the whole video.

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