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These "differences" have always been a source of conflict.

We’ve engaged in dispute over which is superior, or what is right,

resulting in many unfortunate events.

But instead of fighting over our differences,

We can support each other by embracing our unique qualities.

Our differences are the key to this


What Earth needs from this point forward is a world where people move beyond the "differences” and accept each other

a world where we unite in prayer for the happiness of our children's future.

Rather than holding onto a faint hope for distant future, or waiting for something to be given, or resigning to belief that it will never come true,

we can all work towards this future by each one of us taking action.

Now, it is possible.


We have dreams that reside within our collective consciousness

Beyond borders, race, and all other differences,
there is something that can untie people, 
and that is "Prayer”.

We have strongly believed in it and seen the actual impact of it,
and that is why we are pursuing this project.

When prayer takes cent
er stage in our lives,
we gain insight into why we are born on earth,
and what we should be doing right now



(The world formed around the prayer tower, image diagram/KOHJI)


How do we overcome difficulties now?

What can we do within this reality?

That is the question we must ask ourselves now.

“Prayer is important.
But religion and caste have their limitations."

Greetings, I am Anup Kumar.

I run a school in Bodh Gaya India, providing education for free of charge.
To date, more than 350 students have graduated from this school. Each day, children come to school with bright, eager eyes.

I started the school at the age of 17, with nothing more than a plastic sheet on a field.

Why did I embark on this journey from scratch?
That’s because I believe education has the power to empower every child, helping them overcome the barriers of poverty, caste, and other obstacles.

I myself did not have the chance to go to school because my family was poor.

However, my life took a turn when a Buddhist priest passing by invited me to enter a Buddhist temple for training while I was playing in the field. Through this training I had a chance to visit various countries and regions, gaining valuable experiences.

As my horizon expanded, I chose to utilize my knowledges and experiences to help people in my village rather than continuing my pursuit of enlightenment in the Buddhist world.

This aspiration led me to establish a free school.

The school, named "Premametta School (School of Love)," not only offers education, but also provide free school lunches, uniforms, and educational materials.

I wanted to change the current situation in the region, where economic disparity due to caste has left people trapped in poverty, and this is why I offer all these services free of charges.

In the begging, I had no money, resources, or support.
We gathered what believed was necessary by sharing our vision. Step by step, we transformed our vision into reality we see today.

The fact that we have the power to create the world we desire is the most magical and filled with love.
We consider the school itself a sacred place for us.

Background of this project

Within the ASKA project, our mission is to connect people around the world through prayers, and part of this mission involved bringing special stone to India.

During our searching for the right person to entrust with the stone, we had the privilege of meeting Anup and his partner.


Through ASKA project, we have had the opportunity to learn from the indigenous people of various regions about the remarkable power of their "prayers" to unify the world, transcending borders, race, and religion.


Anup’s school is a manifestation of love that goes beyond religious boundaries. The movement to create a new world will begin with the establishment of a "prayer tower" where people of any religion can come together in prayer.

A new approach of world-building begins

Anup was blessed with a vision of a prayer tower, adorned with the stone placed at its center pedestal that spreads out in all directions.

In searching for a way to bring this vision to life, he stumbled upon the innovation "earthbag architecture" method.


What kind of future will unfold as a result of his encountering with this method and its experts?


Placing the “prayer" at the center stage of life, and manifesting reality based on the vision received through prayer – this could be a new approach to shaping our world.

Ecological for Earth, Beneficial for future generations and All living Being long into the future - This is the essence of “Earthbag Architecture.”

I’m Kohji Kozakai, a specialist in earthbag architecture.


Earthbag architecture is a new approach of home construction that uses natural resources such as soil, which ultimately return to the earth, as the main building material.


We have been searching for a new approach of a home construction that goes beyond merely focusing on "efficiency" and "productivity" that serve human conveniences; it extends to a more universal vision.

The Earthbag method primarily involves stacking sandbags, therefore it is simple and easy for anyone to participate in construction. This method also offers creative freedom in design. It allows to design a house as if you were drawing a picture. We believe this is the home construction method of the future, where people can build their house that they desire with their own hands.


I’ve heard traditional "earth houses" were once common in India.

However, these houses could not withstand the heavy rains associated with the climate change in recent years and were gradually replaced by houses with thin walls of bricks and concrete.

This transition made it very difficult to cope with the scorching summer heat. Furthermore, there are many people without homes or employments.

If we can evolved their traditional earth house to the next level using this earthbag construction method, it could significantly improve the living environment of people in India. By teaching and spreading the skills required for earthbag construction, we can also offer new opportunities for children with limited career options.

I joined this project with the hope to realize such a future using the earth bag method that we have studied extensively.


What emerged from a chance encountered in the course of life, almost like a storyline, is now setting reality into motion.

This is what we are experiencing in this project.

Transcend borders, races, and religions with love for the children of the future.

This is a dream that we all have in our collective consciousness.

By bringing this vision to life and shaping our present reality, let‘s unite together in moving forward the earth and the world to the next stage.

Support for this project
<Prayer Tower construction costs>

Materials / Hiring local staff /

Installation of the gate / Design and direction

Total amount needed for support
3,000,000 yen

The future of world-building that starts from here, and its possibility is infinite.

Bodh Gaya is the place where Buddha attained enlightenment, and there are many sacred lands associated with it.

Anup has purchased one of these sacred lands to bring his vision, building a place for prayer, to life.

As the first step, a team of creators will build a prayer tower on the land, provide technical guidance to the local people, and load earth bags together.

What kind of future will this process unfold?


Here is a map depicting a dream spreading into the future.

From this point forward, we will discover things as the project unfold!It’s a project that we are starting from the ground up.

What can be done with your donation


We can purchase a truckload of soil!



We can prepare a lunch for one day for the 12 workers



We can hire one local person for two weeks to learn the work!



We can load one of 40 long tubes (sandbag)



We can prepare a simple kitchen on site!



We can be stylishly decorated the house with tiles!



We can install gates to prevent animals and strangers from entering into the premises!



We can complete the prayer tower!

Prices in India are skyrocketing, therefore cost of materials are not so different from the cost it would incur if we purchased them in Japan.The 3 million yen includes the cost of designing, engineering, and instruction by Kohji Kozakai (KOHJI), but does not include the cost of his stay.

KOHJI and eight other Japanese creators will be traveling to India at their own expense. Here are the members who are participate in this project.



















▶︎奈良裕之さん Micco&Kazと行くブッダガヤ巡礼の旅












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